I provide private and confidential 24/7 Sober Recovery Coach Companionship along with a therapeutic addiction treatment program that uniquely blends primary and secondary care and promotes a highly personal recovery platform from which you can safely develop and expand a life free from addiction. My full time presence and extensive sober experience can be realistically applied to your daily life and can quickly take your recovery to the next level. This addiction treatment model is a private and personalized solution to anyone at any stage of sobriety and recovery.

As a qualified addiction specialist, I dedicate myself to helping you in your recovery. Together we develop a safe environment and make the changes necessary for you to avoid relapse or prevent another trip to rehab. Having my full time Sober Recovery Coach Companion Services I am by your side to help protect the progress you have made and assist in continued progress. I bring experience and expertise for stronger emotional balance and sustained sobriety and recovery. I believe in meeting my clients at their level and customizing services to fit their needs, enabling them to build a solid foundation in recovery and to live fulfilling lives.